Danny Kahn
Project Overview: I worked for the Daily Orange Newspaper for 2 semesters. I worked in-house with 3 other designers to work on the completed paper for the next day. We print twice a week, every week of the semester. Below are some of my favorite works from working on the digital and print teams throughout my 2 semesters.

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

Design Editor, Illustrator

Front Page Illustration
While working at the Daily Orange, I had many roles and one of them was being an illustrator. This is one of my favorite illustration made for the front page of the newspaper for print.

This illustration was for a story about how polygraph testing was not being used in Syracuse Police cases anymore. I worked closely with the writer of this story to create this illustration.

Other examples of my work as a page designer and illustrator at The Daily Orange: